Both GitLab CE and EE are in Docker Hub: GitLab CE Docker image GitLab EE Docker image The GitLab Docker images are monolithic images of GitLab running all the necessary services on a single container. Prerequisites Docker installation is required, see the official installation docs Docker Compose is required, see the Install… Continue Reading Install Gitlab CE with Docker Compose

Original: shadowsocks   shadowsocks-libev 版本: 3.2.0 kcptun 版本: 20180316 打开姿势 docker run -dt –name ss -p 6443:6443 mritd/shadowsocks -s “-s -p 6443 -m aes-256-cfb -k test123 –fast-open” 支持选项 -m : 指定 shadowsocks 命令,默认为 ss-server -s : shadowsocks-libev 参数字符串 -x : 开启 kcptun 支持 -e : 指定 kcptun 命令,默认为 kcpserver -k : kcptun 参数字符串 选项描述 -m : 参数后指定一个… Continue Reading dockerfile/shadowsocks at master · mritd/dockerfile

Bitnami Docker Image for Ghost Why use Bitnami Images? Bitnami closely tracks upstream source changes and promptly publishes new versions of this image using our automated systems. With Bitnami images the latest bug fixes and features are available as soon as possible. Bitnami containers, virtual machines and cloud images… Continue Reading Run ghost with bitnami/bitnami-docker-ghost