Thursday, December 07 2017 The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby Homepage: Download: JRuby 9.1.x is our current major version of JRuby. It is expected to be compatible with Ruby 2.3.x and stay in sync with C Ruby. JRuby is our latest release… 1.… Continue Reading JRuby Released

比较:OpenProject和Redmine OpenProject历史上是Redmine的继承者,但使用更现代的技术和更加用户友好的最新设计。 OpenProject不是传统的Web应用程序,而是一个现代的单页面应用程序。用户可以通过单击创建和编辑问题,而Redmine需要多个步骤才能完成相同的操作。将新成员添加到项目中也是如此:在Redmine中,您需要在管理屏幕中创建新用户。 然后,您需要将用户添加到项目中。 OpenProject允许一步完成。 OpenProject还提供了一个现代的动态甘特图,非常人性化,并集成在工作包页面中。 另一方面,Redmine包含旧的时间轴,需要许多页面重新加载才能更新。   Original: OpenProject   OpenProject is a web-based project management software. Its key features are: Project planning and scheduling Product roadmap and release planning Task management and team collaboration Agile and Scrum Time tracking, cost reporting and budgeting Bug tracking Wikis Forums… Continue Reading [Reproduce]OpenProject is a web-based project management software

使用语义化的异常(特别是基于继承的异常)描述错误是一种良好的编程习惯和建议。同时异常堆栈包含错误发生的代码位置,方便排错,以及对类似错误进行分组。 original:  AppSignal Custom Exceptions in Ruby  Robert Beekman  Jul 3 #ruby #learning #tutorial A little while ago we talked about exceptions in Ruby. This time we explore ways of creating custom exceptions specific to your app’s needs. Let’s say we have a method that handles the uploading of images while only allowing JPEG… Continue Reading [Reproduce]Custom Exceptions in Ruby

Rails cache with locale在Rails视图中自动添加当前应用程序区域设置(I18n.locale)作为缓存键的一部分。 Original: Rails cache with locale Automatically adding current application locale (I18n.locale) as a part of caching key in Rails views. Problem & Solution For example you have: Rails app with different locales you want to add fragment caching in views When you have a different locales… Continue Reading [Reproduce]Rails cache with locale automatically adding current application locale (I18n.locale) as a part of caching key in Rails views.

Snibox是一个自托管的代码片段管理器。 支持各种编程语言,Markdown,纯文本。 开发用于收集和组织代码段。 Original:    Snibox is a self-hosted code snippets manager. Supports various programming languages, markdown, plain text. Developed to collect and organize code snippets. Table of Contents Demo Built with Deployment Development Todo License Demo Click the image below to launch demo: It may take up to 30… Continue Reading [Reproduce]Snibox is a self-hosted code snippets manager

现有的Ruby覆盖工具无法处理(定位或统计)eval中执行的代码。 这是因为Ruby内置的coverage模块没有公开必要的钩子来捕获它。 Covered使用Ruby 2.6,RubyVM :: AST.parse(源代码)存在,它为我们提供了一个精细的工具来计算初始源代码覆盖率(即哪些行是可执行的),从而可以计算“模板”的覆盖范围。